About My Ticket Space

We sat on the idea for a while. Then decided to make it happen.

In 2018, Kadin was working with a client who just had a disastrous year with their ticketing company. The disasters came at the worst time…it was during their yearly national event.

After the event was over, they gave him a call and asked for help. They asked if he could help build out a new website which they needed anyway, but they also asked if he could figure out a new solution for their ticketing needs. That’s when the journey began.

He quickly realized there was a level of greed in the ticketing industry. FEES EVERYWHERE!

  • Monthly Fees
  • Yearly Fees
  • Percentage based Fees
  • Tiered Structure Fees
  • Administrative Fees
  • Fees for adding team members/users
  • Fees for this and that!

All of these things which are cutting into YOUR profit. He stumbled upon a company who was very unique, with a great ticketing platform. This is when he decided to create My Ticket Space to share with others.

My Ticket Space is aiming to break down the walls of the ticketing industry. Whether you are a small venue, large venue, an individual or corporation, everyone can benefit by getting their own Ticket Space.

Our claim to fame, is our flat per ticket fee. However, to our knowledge we are the LOWEST ticketing company that is out there today.

Recurring fees can be the devil. We do not have any recurring fees, simply sign up for a ticket space, pay a one time setup charge, and in minutes you will  automatically have a ticket space where you will only pay when you sell tickets. Did we mention free orders are FREE, so your per ticket fee is only when your order is > $0.

Built with cloud first infrastructure, we are running solely on Amazon Web Services (AWS) technology. Are you concerned about an influx of people who will be purchasing your event tickets? Don’t be. We have our infrastructure set up for auto scaling, so as demand is needed, our service will rise to the occasion. Still concerned? Just drop us an email and we would be glad to chat. We can even monitor our systems during your ticket release, to double ensure that your sales start off smoothly.

We want to be the cheapest, best, and most reliable ticketing company out there. We want to break down the walls of the ridiculous charges and fees that all other providers have.

Come join us here at My Ticket Space, and give us a try for your next event!

The Founders

Kadin Zimmerman


Kadin founded the idea of My Ticket Space, and wanted to make it the cheapest ticketing solution on the market while being jam packed with features. His diverse background and love for cloud technologies help get this off the ground fast.

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Brandon C. White

Marketing & Relations

Brandon used his business background to help get the site off the ground, market it, acquire customers, and show them that they too can earn more from their ticketing business by re-evaluating providers!

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