Check-In for Chrome OS

My Ticket Space Check-In App

For Chrome OS

Works Online or Offline

This desktop app can work offline, should your event be in an area without internet access. *You must sign in one time with internet access to download all attendee data, then it can be taken offline. We recommend using this app online if possible, that way any new tickets purchased will never be missed. Online mode will always contact the database to ensure a valid check-in.

See List of All Attendees

Aside from scanning your tickets, you can also view all of the attendee list right on the desktop app. Use the search bar to quickly and easily find a specific person. If you find a person, you can also manually check them in, by clicking a convenient button. This will also validate their check-in just like scanning their ticket!

Works with any 1D or 2D barcode scanner

Don’t be strapped to other companies who require expensive equipment to run. Our desktop check-in apps work with any generic USB barcode reader, wired OR wireless. and 1D or 2D

Prevent Unauthorized Access

The desktop check-in apps are by far the fastest way to check in attendees to your event if you have hundreds/thousands attending. Rest assured with all of our check-in methods, if a ticket is scanned which does not meet your check-in criteria (number of allowed scans, date/time allowed for check-in, that specific event, etc.), the scan will fail and you will be presented with an error.