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On our website OR in your ticket space dashboard, simply find that “Need Help?” icon which is floating around at the bottom of the page, and click it. From there you have access to all of our documents, and can quickly contact us if you don’t find what you are looking for.

We think this is a HUGE asset which sets us apart from others.

You can also head over to support.myticketspace.com

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Absolutely! We take security very seriously. We think we are much more secure than many other ticketing providers out there. Our service is built 100% on AWS (Amazon Web Services), so we automatically have an edge up on security over others who do not use AWS.

AWS is the largest cloud computing provider, so their standards and availability are 2nd to none!

Aside from this, we utilize a load balanced array of web servers, and redundant database servers, to ensure that our service has the best possible chance of staying up 99.99% of the time.

If you are considering selling tickets for a large event where you will have an influx of hundreds/thousands of people flocking to purchase tickets all at once, simply email us and discuss this with us. We can scale up/down to meet needs as necessary.

All of the payment processing is handled through Stripe.com who is one of the largest and most secure online payment providers. The transactions are processed through your very own Stripe account, so rest assured the money is going straight to you, and NOT passing through many different hands.

We hope you’ll give us a try even for just 1 event. We know you’ll love us and continue to use us! Ready now? Click to sign up!

There is a 1 time setup fee which you pay for at the time of creating your ticket space. Aside from this ONE TIME cost, you simply pay a flat per ticket fee when you sell tickets. This means, if you only have events a few times per year, you will only pay when you sell tickets! There are no recurring charges with My Ticket Space.

We support 135+ currencies, the default being USD of course, so your cost per ticket is $.50 USD. Yes that is right, only 50 CENTS per ticket! Please check our pricing page if you are looking for another currency.

Yes, aboslutely! We have 2 options you can choose from.

1) Standard ticket space URL, which means it will be a subdomain of myticketspace.com. For example, bobsdiner.myticketspace.com.

2) Custom ticket space URL, which means it will be a subdomain of YOUR domain name which you already own. This gives a more professional appearance. For example, tickets.bobsdiner.com. This makes it appear as though you are on the bobsdiner.com website, but in reality this is pointing to your ticket space.

If you choose option 2, you will need to make sure that you can add a CNAME record to your domain. So this will require you to log into your domain registrar (GoDaddy, CloudFlare, Route53, name.com, namecheap, NetworkSolutions, etc..) and make the necessary entry.

We use Stripe.com for processing all payments. All of the money processed through your ticket space, is being directly processed through your Stripe account. That means, your money is yours, and it is directly deposited into your account. When a ticket is purchased, our fee is taken out already, so the amount that shows up instantly in your Stripe account is already with our ticket fee taken.

If you do not have a Stripe account, no problem! You can still sign up for your Ticket Space, and when you go to connect your account in your Ticket Space payment gateway, you have the option to log in or sign up for a Stripe account.

Stripe accounts are free, and you pay a standard credit card processing fee only when it is used. Please refer to Stripe.com for more information on rates and other questions.

There always comes a time when you have to process a refund, or even a partial refund. So how does that work?

Refunds and any transaction disputes are all handled through your Stripe.com account. No refunds are processed through your Ticket Space, so you would log into your Stripe account, find the order number/customer transaction, and process the refund through Stripe.

This is another reason we love Stripe. Any transaction disputes or payment issues, are handled directly with your account. We are not a middleman, so we do not get in the way of your payments. Stripe.com support is the best in the business, and they are always ready to chat/phone/email support should you have any questions.

Will I get my per ticket fee back?

No, because we are the ticket provider with the lowest fees in the business, we do not give refunds for any of the per ticket fees.

Because we are currently the ticket provider with the lowest fees in the industry, we do not offer any discounts at this time.


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