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We hate when companies require you to "Contact Them" to learn more about their pricing or business.
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Custom Ticket Fees

One of the MOST widely used and praised features, is the ability to set your own ticket fee, that YOU KEEP! Add an additional fixed or percentage based fee, per ticket or per order. This will help you re-coup other costs you may have, or just make you more money!

Discount Codes

Boost your sales by creating an unlimited number of discount codes. Discount codes can be available to all ticket types, or certain ticket types. They can be a fixed discount or percentage discount. These discount codes are created one at a time through your ticket space dashboard.

Bulk Discount Codes

Everybody loves freebies…but the next best thing is a discount! With the optional bulk discount codes feature, you can import a large number of discount codes all at once.

Seating Charts

Do you have specific seats that you are selling at your venue? No problem! With our seating charts function, you can design an unlimited number of charts! Have a large venue? Separating your venue into multiple separate layouts will help you achieve a nice user experience.

Unlimited Events

My Ticket Space gives you the option to easily create and manage multiple events at once. Set the event name, location, start date and you’re basically ready to go.

Unlimited Ticket Types

Create any number of ticket types for one or more events. Set ticket quantity limits, available check-ins per ticket, available quantity, etc.

PDF Ticket Builder

The ticket builder allows you to create as many ticket templates as you need. That way each ticket type (Standard, VIP, Adult, Child, etc.) may have completely different look and feel to it if you want.

Tax Administration

Collect taxes during the purchase process with My Ticket Space. Administrators can set up and manage the collected tax rate easily.

Barcode Readers

The tickets you sell are each individually barcoded. Barcode readers will improve your check-in process, decrease the time of the check-in, and make the door of your event less crowded. Not to mention a more professional experience.

Mailchimp Integration

Setup our Mailchimp integration, so that when customers check out, you can save their email address information to your Mailchimp account, for targeted ads or campaigns that you may want to do in the future.

Sendloop Integration

Setup our Sendloop integration, so that when customers check out, you can save their email address information to your Sendloop account, for targeted ads or campaigns that you may want to do in the future.

Custom Forms

Know more about your customers! Create custom forms which will fit nicely into your ticket space customer checkout. Control the order of the elements, number of columns, set required and optional fields, and tell each ticket type what form to use.

CSV Export

Export all of your event data to a CSV so you can save it and analyze it later, keep historical records, etc! Whatever you want to do with the data, it’s all yours!

Event Calendar

Display an event calendar anywhere on your ticket space pages. Help your users navigate efficiently or just brag with style! Event Calendar displays your events in a nicely styled, easy to browse calendar.

Speakers Feature

Are you hosting an event with the speakers you would like to introduce to the attendees? The speakers function is the easiest way to do just that. Integration

Target emails to your customers with bullseye precision! Have all the ticket purchase information at your disposal and make it work for you when targeting your customers.

Slack Integration

Embrace the power of Slack simplicity! If you are already using Slack, you most probably know the advantages of its notifications. If not, we bet you’ll start using it since it now can notify you each time the ticket is sold.

Pushover Integration

How does real-time notifications on your Android device, iPhone, iPad, and Desktop sounds? Pretty awesome, right? Get notifications about each new order placed. Read more about Pushover service.

Serial Ticket Codes

If our random ticket codes get you confused, make your own! Shape your ticket code EXACTLY how you want it. Serial ticket codes apply to all tickets sold in your ticket space, and it is not customizable on a per event basis.

Terms and Conditions

Nobody reads the infamous Terms and Conditions, right? Think again! Make a smart decision and get yourself covered by setting your Terms and Conditions before purchase! Terms and conditions can be set as a check mark field while checking out, as well as placing terms and conditions on your PDF ticket.

Checkout Re-Captcha Integration

It’s time to declare war on bad robots! This simple (optional) feature integrates Google reCaptcha services to the checkout page of your My Ticket Space.

Check-In Email Notifications

Wish your event attendees a warm welcome, or point them to the right direction the moment they check in. This optional feature makes it easy to send emails to guests as soon as their ticket is checked-in, to ensure that your event goes smoothly.

Twilio SMS Notifications

Make it more personal! Send SMS notification messages to your customers upon each successful order! And the same goes for website administrators. All the information, all the time, at a glance! Twilio account required and Twilio charges apply.

Comprehensive Seating Charts

Design your own venue charts, with many features we know you'll love