Custom Forms

What It Looks Like

Below we show you exactly what this feature looks like

With custom forms, you can collect additional information from your buyers. There are “buyer” forms, and “attendee” forms. The difference is if you want to collect the information once from the person buying, or if you want each attendee listed to fill in the information. If attendee is selected, and the buyer is purchasing 5 tickets, then the additional information would be asked 5 times. Whereas the buyer form would only be asked 1 time.

If using attendee forms, you specify the form on a per ticket type basis. See image below. So certain ticket types can have an attendee form associated with it, while others would not have to.

Back End Admin View

Back End Creating Form

Add The New Form To Your Ticket Type

Ensure In Settings, That Attendee Fields are Yes

Attendee Form on User Front End