Unlimited Ticket Types

What It Looks Like

Below we show you exactly what this feature looks like

With My Ticket Space, you can have an unlimited number of ticket types for your events. A ticket type is something you classify that has a different cost, fee, or any “thing” that is different about it.

Examples of different ticket types: Children Ticket, Adult, Standard, VIP, Backstage, Early Bird, or any other type you want to create!

Each ticket type is assignable to 1 event. That means if you are simultaneously selling tickets for 5 events, and each event has a VIP ticket, then you would create and setup 5 separate VIP tickets, each assigned to their own event.

This sounds like extra work, but really it is not. We have found that this method is better, because each ticket type has their own settings. So for one event you might want to charge an additional $3 ticket fee (which you keep) but on another event for the same ticket type, you might want to charge a 5% fee for that ticket. So in reality, you get more flexibility!

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